An economic snapshot of the Isle of Wight, prepared for SERTUC by Robert Selby July 2014

IoW economic briefing Robert Selby

SERTUC Regional Council July 2014 presentation by economist Andrew Fisher. Particularly interesting are the slides showing the transfer of tax paid from the richest to the poorest 1979 to 2010. The Failed Experiment by Andrew Fisher available from

Andrew Fisher Failed Experiment presentation Regional Council 19 July 2014

Economics briefing number 3: What is meant by economic growth and economic recession? (April 2013)

3 economics the plain truth RECESSION

SERTUC Resisting Austerity conference 16 March 2013 These powerpoint slides will raise a laugh or at the very least a wry smile. Thanks to Max Hyde NUT

Max Hyde NUT cartoons for 16 March 2013

Economics briefing number 2: The UK spending deficit; what is it and must it be eliminated now? (November 2012)

2 economics the plain truth DEFICIT

SERTUC Pay Seminar 3 November 2012

Powerpoint presentations

pay seminar 3 November 2012 Heather Wakefield

pay seminar 3 November 2012 Enrico Tortolano

pay seminar 3 November 2012 Helen Kersley

Economics briefing number 1: Government Debt: what is it and should we be worried? (November 2012)

1 economics the plain truth DEBT

SERTUC The London Living Wage (2007)

An industrial strategy for the greater south east (EEF South and SERTUC, 2006)


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