The Battle of Cable Street new publication from SERTUC

Download free here Cable Street book or buy hard copies £2 each, cheque (payable to SERTUC) or cash to SERTUC, Congress House, Great Russell Street, London WC1B 3LS


SERTUC Annual Report 2017 – as approved by the Regional Council AGM

SERTUC annual report 2017

Dedalus & Arianna project – supporting EWC reps – two reports

Report of the final conference dedalus-project-final-report

Relaunching trade unions in Europe dedalus-project-relaunching-tus-in-europe

New book from SERTUC The Burston School Strike 1914 to 1939

60 pages, £2 from SERTUC, Congress House, Great Russell Street, London WC1B 3LS, send cash or cheque payable to SERTUC, or download free below

Burston School Strike book

SERTUC Annual Report 2016 – as approved by the Regional Council AGM

SERTUC annual report 2016

Paddling Furiously our tenth survey of equality in trade unions

Paddling Furiously 2016

#HeartUnions week 8-14 February 2016, order flyers at

SERTUC Heart Unions flyer

Delegates’ report of the International Seminar in November 2015 (Dedalus & Arianna project)

Dedalus seminar report November 2015

Report of the SERTUC Young Workers’ delegation to Brussels May 2015

Brussels young workers’ delegation report May 2015

SERTUC publication The Levellers Movement, an account of perhaps the first political movement to represent the ordinary people

80 pages, £2 from SERTUC, Congress House, Great Russell Street, London WC1B 3LS, send coins or cheque payable to SERTUC, or download free below

The Levellers Movement

Report of the SERTUC Women’s delegation to Brussels March 2015

Brussels women’s delegation report March 2015

SERTUC Annual Report 2015 – as approved by the Regional Council AGM

SERTUC annual report 2015

Truth, lies and migrants: a guide to population and migration

SERTUC Myths 2014

Brief report of industrial action 10 July 2014

report 10 July

Three short films describing the history of the Burston School Strike

1. Rural Life

2. The Dispute

3. Solidarity

with notes for TUC Tutors here

Burston Strike School Tutor Notes

Speakers’ presentations from SERTUC’s Health and Safety Reps seminar

H&S conf October 2013 Mike Wilcock

H&S conf October 2013 Gerard Stilliard

H&S conf October 2013 Jennifer Davies

H&S conf October 2013 Jenny Harries

H&S conf October 2013 Jon Tennison

NEW SERTUC PUBLICATION The Spithead and Nore Mutinies of 1797 An account of rebellious activities in London, the South East, and East of England in the eighteenth century

Spithead and Nore

VIDEO Ricky Tomlinson Update on Shrewsbury 24

VIDEO Paula Roe Update on NASUWT/NUT dispute

VIDEO Nigel Stanley Update on the Lobbying Bill

VIDEO Professor Mariana Mazzucato The entrepreneurial state: debunking public vs private sector myths

VIDEO Tommy Molloy Flags of convenience and international solidarity

VIDEO Tommy Sheridan Update on the Bedroom Tax campaign

Tommy Molloy ITF presentation to July 2013 Regional Council The ITF Flags of Convenience Campaign

Tommy Molloy Flags of Convenience presentation Regional Council 20 July 2013

Report of SERTUC conference Young Disabled People – employed and empowered?

Report Young Disabled People Employed and Empowered

SERTUC Annual Report 2013

annual report 2013

Trades Councils in the SERTUC Region

SERTUC trades councils

ICARUS project 2012 newsletter

This project (Information and Consultation: Approaches of Research Coordinating good Union Standards) was in partnership with 6 other European regional trade union confederations. This newsletter includes access to the ICARUS website and all project documents and tools.

ICARUS newsletter_9_2013

SERTUC/ACAS conference Thursday 7 February all presentations are now available:

SERTUC ACAS London conf Ed Sweeney

SERTUC ACAS London conf Peter Harwood

SERTUC ACAS London conf Paul Statham

SERTUC ACAS London conf Gavin Edwards

SERTUC ACAS London conf Bob Stapley

SERTUC briefing on Universal Credit (January 2013)

Universal Credit

Young Workers Month Campaign Pack (November 2012) 

The Plebs’ League: Started at Ruskin College in 1908

plebs league

Making the kids pay a briefing on the government’s policies and children and young people (May 2011)

Making the kids pay

SERTUC Annual Report 2012

Swimming against the tide (SERTUC equality in trade unions report 2012)

SERTUC directory 2011

SERTUC Annual Report 2011

SERTUC Annual Report 2010

Treading Water (SERTUC equality in trade unions report 2008)

Defeating racism, unions working together for a racism-free London, South East and East of England (unionlearn with SERTUC, 2007)


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