TUC guide for trades councils to the 2014 Lobbying Act

Lobbying Act guide to TCs

TUC briefing Defending Independent Living: what unions can do September 2014

Defending the Independent Living Fund

TUC Touchstone publication The gender jobs split, how young men and women experience the labour market November 2013


TUC Economic Quarterly Number 2, October 2013


The TUC’s Campaign Plan for a Future that Works launched 1 May 2013


Guidance note for H&S Reps: Time off for training


Labour Market Report number 33


The Great Wages Grab. How your pay has fallen behind for 30 years


Austerity is failing. We need a future that works published by the TUC in 2012, 16pp
Includes What’s gone wrong, Understanding the deficit, What about the debt?, There is an alternative

Cuts are not the cure published by TUC in 2011, 12pp
Includes Why the deficit is big, How much should we worry?, Nations are not households, What is the alternative

All TUC publications can be found at https://www.tuc.org.uk/publications/index.cfm


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